General information

Electric scooters, batteries, accessories, and spare parts for sale, rent, and service. Our workshop undertakes all general repairs on electric scooters as well as tire replacements.

The following terms apply to online business


At Escooter you can exchange a product purchased in an online store.
In order for a product to be exchanged, the original packaging must be present.

We request receipts when the product is exchanged. If the product is not in the store, is sold out or no longer in the product range, the product is included in the price at which it is sold from the store. If a product is found to be defective, customers are offered the same or a similar product instead of the defective one.

Upon delivery, it is possible to:

  • Get another product in exchange.
  • Reimburse the amount to the person's credit card if the product has been paid for with that card.
  • Reimburse the amount to the person's debit card if the delivery is on the same day as the transaction and payment was made with the person's debit card.
  • Products are not refunded in cash.

The deadline for submission is 14 days from delivery. The right of return does not apply to sale goods.

Refunds will be made as soon as possible and no later than after 30 days.

ELECTRONIC BUSINESS as the seller of a product reserves the right to cancel the purchase and cancel orders if there are errors in the registration of information about the product by the seller e.g. due to incorrect price information or other mistakes that the seller may make when registering information about the price and characteristics of the product, whether the errors are obvious or not.
The seller also reserves the right to change prices or stop offering products without notice


Credit cards are accepted in the online store. Payment by credit card takes place in a protected area where the card numbers are encrypted. Card information and payments are handled through RAPYD secure service.

An order is processed from an online store as soon as possible, but never later than 24 hours after the order has been received. All orders are delivered with Íslandspóstur.

PERSONAL INNFORMATION processes the buyer's personal information due to use of the website in accordance with current regulations lög og reglur um meðferð persónuupplýsinga at each time.


Retail trade is subject to certain terms defined in consumer law. The terms are e.g. to be found in:


The seller's guarantees do not entail any restrictions on the rights provided for in the Consumer Purchase Act. Liability for defects in a product is in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act 48/2003 and is based on the date of purchase for individuals outside business activities. In the case of the sale of a product to a company (business activity), the defect is liable for 1 year from the date of purchase according to the Act on Liquidity Purchase Act No. 50/2000.

Liability is not confirmed unless a purchase note is presented.

The warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of the device or the use of consumables, i.e. it does not cover devices that are considered normal to last less than 2 years. But the general complaint deadline is 2 years. For example, a laptop, mobile phone, and electric scooter battery is consumable and may need to be replaced before the end of the hardware warranty. However, the electronic manufacturer provides a minimum of 6 months warranty regardless of the use of batteries (it must be demonstrated that the product is defective if it is older than 6 months and not, for example, normal wear and tear.) It is normal for renewal to take place between 6-24 months. Warranty is void if the device has been opened or has been repaired without the supervision / consent of the seller, despite the fact that a workshop and / or an authorized person has been working there. The warranty also lapses if a failure can be traced to ill-treatment or incorrect treatment and the buyer is advised to read the instructions or manual carefully according to Article 10 of these Terms. There is no warranty for any software or other intangible items (items affecting the features of the device such as viruses and other things that cannot be traced to the manufacturer).

In some cases, individual products or brands have a longer warranty period. Where applicable, this is stated.

The seller is not obliged to participate in repair costs, give discounts, replace goods, etc. after the end of the warranty period.
The seller reserves the right to verify that a defect or failure is covered by the warranty terms, however within a reasonable time limit. In the event of a warranty being resolved, the seller is obliged to offer the buyer a repair, new product, discount or cancellation of purchase. Depending on the path, the path chosen at any given time.

Free home delivery on all products domestically. No shipping costs on orders through our online store. You can choose to have the products sent to the post office or to your door.

It is not a problem to return or exchange products purchased on

  • Feel free to email us at
  • Phone number 7771018

Rental terms

Tenants must register a credit card for transactions (does not apply to prepaid credit cards) and provide permission to look up the default register. Payment for the rental period is paid before the delivery of rental scooter takes place. Escooter ehf. reserves the right to terminate the lease with 30 days notice without further explanation.

Terms are subject to change without notice.' Terms of Business apply to online business with the following additional terms.

  • The buyer must be at least 16 years old to shop online.
  • Upon receipt of a product, the buyer must inspect the product and check whether it is in accordance with the order and is undamaged.
  • The buyer must make comments and submit a complaint within 14 days of delivery of the product if necessary.

This domain is owned by Escooter ehf. CIN. 500220-1040, vsk.. nr. 136980 | Ármúli 42 | 777-1018


Escooter ehf., uses cookies to improve the user experience on the company's website. Cookies are small text files stored on users' computers. Such files allow Escooter to track the use of the company's website. When the site is used for the first time, the user's consent is required for the company to use cookies. If the person in question chooses not to accept such use, it is possible that the website does not show full functionality.

Escooter uses cookies, among other things, to identify the web browser that is used so that the website can be adapted to it, to record the date and time of the visit, to record the IP address and other functions. This information is used in connection with system administration, troubleshooting, fraud investigation, communication from the company and to provide the best possible service. Cookies are not spyware and Escooter does not collect information about web browsers or share information collected through cookies to third parties, with the exception of sharing with Google Analytics. If web users do not want cookies to be saved, it is easy to change the browser settings to reject them.

Google Analytics is used for web analytics. There, information is collected with each visit to the website, e.g. date and time of visit, how the user accesses the web, what browser and what device he uses. It also looks at whether keywords are being used. This data provides information on how to develop the website and improve its functionality according to the needs of users. This information is only used in the marketing of Escooter products or services. IP address is transmitted to Google Analytics in order to obtain information about access to and use of the Escooter website. No other personal information is shared with Google Analytics.

 Privacy Statement

We respect you and your personal information. In accordance with our values, respect, simplicity and power, we want you to be informed in a simple way how and why we collect, use and store information about you and what rights you have towards us.

In our Privacy Statement, we answer the following questions:

1. When and why do we collect personal information about you?

When you do business with us, we collect and maintain information related to your business history with us. We collect this information in order to give you an overview of your business with us and so that we can offer you more personal service. When you want to contact us and receive information (such as newsletters, targeted emails and offer brochures) from us on a regular basis, you are asked to provide us with the necessary information.

This depends on your choice. Sometimes you are offered to provide us, in an optional way, with additional information about you. This is information we want because we believe it can help us provide you with a better service. You should never provide such information unless you choose to do so. When you use our web interface, we also collect personal information through cookies, IP addresses and other information related to the device you use (such as hardware type, operating system version, etc.). You can choose whether you choose to give us this information.

2. What personal information do we collect about you?

Personal information we collect about you depends on what service you have requested or for what purpose you have approached us, information we collect includes:

  • Your name, social security number, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Credit card numbers, debit card numbers, account information or other bank-related information.
  • Your business history with us, incl. what products and services you have purchased from us, when you use the loyalty card or other such personalized loyalty services.
  • Communication you choose to have with us, e.g. e-mails, messages sent via web interface, e.g. my pages, recorded calls, letters, or other communications.
  • Payment information / account transaction information, e.g. dates of construction or payments received.
  • Information about your use of our websites, incl. my pages. This information includes e.g. when you visit the site, how long you use it, your intended location when you use the site, and information about the device you use to access the site.

and other information related to the device you are using (such as hardware type, operating system version, etc.). You can choose whether you choose to give us this information.

3. How do we use your personal information?

We may use your personal information to:

  • Provide you with the services or products you have requested.
  • Process the requests you have made to us.
  • Offer you specific services on specific terms.
  • Inform you about new products and services.
  • Send you invoices for transactions with us or charge you for services and / or purchases of goods.
  • Evaluate your credit rating.
  • Understand how you use our services and products, so we can better develop our range of services and products.
  • Answer the questions you ask us.
4. With whom do we share your personal information?

We may share information about you with the following parties:

  • Authorities, e.g. authorities, courts and law enforcement agencies
  • Credit rating agencies and financial institutions
  • Billing companies
  • Service companies representing us.
  • Our specialists, e.g. lawyers, accountants and external consultants.

We share information only with third parties according to a processing agreement which provides for the processing and security of personal information, unless otherwise required by law. In the event of a situation where fraudulent or illegal conduct is suspected, we will share with relevant parties personal information that may be relevant for the purpose of protecting our interests, your interests and / or the interests of our customers. In the event that we merge with another company and / or are taken over by other owners, the information may be transferred to a new company.

5. How do we ensure the security of your personal information?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Personal information is stored in approved access-controlled computer systems where it is ensured that only those who need to have access to data have. Escooter ensures that all general computer system protections are in place, updated and monitored regularly.

All computer equipment involved in the storage of personal information is from authorized suppliers, it is monitored and updated regularly. Services are purchased from a reputable security company that conducts regular external vulnerability checks on all external services in operation at Escooter.

6. How long do we keep the information?

We will preserve your business history for up to 4 years in accordance with point depreciation unless required by law or a longer retention period. If the information is no longer needed or the law provides for its deletion, the information will be made unidentifiable and / or deleted.                                                                                                                                                                                     

7. Your rights towards us?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

You have the right to receive information from us about how your personal information is used by us and what information we have about you. You also have the right to update information about you so that it is correct, request corrections or that information about you is deleted, as there is no longer any reason for us to store it. In the same way, you can request that information about you be provided.

If you have any questions or comments in connection with this privacy statement or our processing, or if you wish to complain about possible violations of privacy laws, please contact us by calling 777-1018 or sending us an email to We will make every effort to respond as soon as possible.

You also always have the right to direct your complaint to the Data Protection Authority in accordance with the current law on personal data protection and processing, law no. 77/2000.

8. Will this privacy policy change?

This Privacy Policy may change over time, e.g. due to changes in laws and regulations or public requirements towards us and the handling of personal information. We encourage you to check for updates regularly, which we publish on our website.