General information

We at Escooter offer quality electric scooters that have not been for sale in Iceland before.

The following terms apply to the online business


With Escooter, you can trade goods purchased on our website.
To be able to replace a product, the original packaging must be present.

We request receipts when a product is exchanged. If the product is no longer in store, is sold out or is no longer in the product offering, the product is taken in at the price it was sold from the store. If a product becomes defective, customers are offered the same or similar product instead of the defective one.

When returning a product it is possible to:

  • Get another product in exchange.
  • Reverse amount to credit card if the product was paid with that card.
  • Reverse the amount to the debit card in question if the goods are same and the purchase was made with that debit card.
  • Products are not refunded with cash.


Escooter.is as a seller of a product reserves the right to cancel the purchase and cancel orders if errors occur in the registration of product information by the seller e.g. due to incorrect price information or other mistakes that the seller may make when listing information about the price and quality of the product, whether these errors are obvious or not.  
Then the seller reserves the right to change prices or discontinue offering product types without reservation.  


Credit cards are accepted in the online shop Escooter.is. Credit card payment is made in the protected area where the card numbers are encrypted. Card information and payment processing is handled through secure services from Korta. 

Orders are processed from online business as soon as possible, but never later than 24 hours after the order is received. We deliver all products our self within the capital area and Íslandspóstur delivers outside of Reykjavík.


Escooter.is handles customers personal information for use of the website in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on the processing of personal data at each time.


For retail trade, certain terms defined in the Consumer Act apply. Then the terms include found in:

Free home delivery on every X7 electric scooter around Iceland. The customer pays for deliveries for orders for less then 10.000kr. You can get your product delivered to the next post house or to your door. 

It is no problem to return or change products bought on escooter.is

  • Please feel free to email us at the email address escooter@escooter.is
  • Our phone is 7771018 & 7771019

Terms could change without notice.

Escooter.is terms of business apply to online transactions with the following additional terms.

  • Buyer must be 16 years of age to shop online.
  • Upon receipt of a product, the buyer must inspect the product and check that it is in accordance with the order and is not damaged.
  • The buyer must make comments and submit a complaint within 14 days of delivery of the product if necessary.
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